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CDC Guidance for Collaboration with the Private Sector

Accepting Funds From the Tobacco Industry:
Guidance for Collaboration with the Private Sector

Background on Accepting Funds From the Tobacco Industry

At times, the tobacco industry has approached state and local agencies with proposals to financially support the implementation of youth tobacco prevention programs. Decisions about whether to accept money directly from the tobacco industry to implement youth tobacco prevention programs have sparked controversy and divisiveness among those committed to preventing tobacco use. Several constituents have contacted CDC to request its opinions as they consider these proposals. 

Decisions about collaborative relationships with private sector partners must be made at the level of the proposed relationship, i.e., either at the national, state, or local level. CDC encourages national, state, and local agencies to consider developing a set of guiding principles for forming collaborative arrangements with outside entities. Agencies should work together and use existing partnerships with national, state, and local education and health agencies, community-based organizations, universities, and others to fully consider and discuss the positive and negative outcomes that may occur as a result of any proposed partnership.

Criteria for Accepting Funds From the Tobacco Industry

CDC has developed its own criteria for collaborating with the private sector that might be of assistance to national, state, and local agencies. These criteria were developed to provide guidance to CDC’s centers, institute, and offices in assessing the appropriateness of entering into a partnership with an outside agency, organization, or industry. These criteria include:

CDC's Guidance for Collaboration with the Private Sector identifies principles that underlie the public health mission and sets forth guidance for evaluating potential collaborations. Electronic copies of the document are available at CDC's Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Requester Service Center (


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