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1998 Surgeon General's Report—Tobacco Use Among U.S. Racial/Ethnic Minority Groups

American Indians and Alaska Natives and Tobacco



Although many tribes consider tobacco a sacred gift and use it during religious ceremonies and as traditional medicine, the tobacco-related health problems they suffer are caused by chronic cigarette smoking and spit tobacco use. Because of the cultural and geographic diversity of American Indians and Alaska Natives, tobacco use often varies widely by region or subgroup.

Health Effects of Tobacco

Cigarette Smoking Prevalence

Cigarette Smoking Behavior

Prevalence of Other Forms of Tobacco Use

Tobacco Industry Influence

Disclaimer: Data and findings provided on this page reflect the content of this particular Surgeon General's Report. More recent information may exist elsewhere on the Smoking & Tobacco Use Web site (for example, in fact sheets, frequently asked questions, or other materials that are reviewed on a regular basis and updated accordingly).


Page last updated April 27, 1998