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National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet
Fact Sheets: Cancer Health Disparities

Asian and Pacific Islander Cancer Education Materials Web Tool: Questions and Answers 1
(Posted: 03/24/2006, Reviewed: 05/12/2008) - The APICEM Web tool offers health-care providers a place to search for Asian-language cancer education materials for patients by specific Asian language, by cancer site, or by screening topic. This effort is supported by NCI.

Cancer Health Disparities: Questions and Answers 2
(Posted: 12/11/2007, Updated: 03/11/2008) - A fact sheet that describes the current incidence and death rates for selected cancers among racial and ethnic groups living in the United States. It also includes a description of NCI programs that are addressing the causes of cancer health disparities.

Community Clinical Oncology Program: Questions and Answers 3
(Reviewed: 12/31/2003) - A fact sheet about CCOP, a program that allows community-based physicians to participate in clinical trials. National Cancer Institute Fact Sheet 1.3

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