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Public Health Genomics at CDC, Acomplishments and Priorities 2004

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Public Health Genomics at CDC: Accomplishments and Priorities 2004New developments in human genomics present challenges and opportunities for CDC. Public health research is underway throughout the agency in areas including newborn screening, genetic testing, pharmaco- and toxicogenomics, analysis of gene-environment interaction in susceptibility to infectious and chronic diseases, and use of family history in public health programs.

In order to document CDC’s priorities, accomplishments, and future directions in human genomics, OGDP developed a summary briefing book in January 2005 that highlights each of CDC’s scientific components. Although similar in overall style to conventional program review books, it is intended to provide a general overview with selected highlights, rather than a comprehensive inventory. The briefing book is organized by coordinating centers and contains a brief overview from each CIO.


Coordinating Center for Health Promotion

Coordinating Center for Health Information and Service

Coordinating Center for Infectious Disease

Environmental & Occupational & Injury Prevention Coordinating Center

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