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Civil Rights and Diversity Office

Affirmative Employment Program

  • Developing, administering, and coordinating the NIST's programs to ensure equal employment opportunity for minorities and women.

  • Developing policy and providing staff assistance to operating units.

  • Determining program emphasis areas and planning activities in support of such areas.

  • Analyzing statistical workforce demographic data.

  • Providing guidance and assistance to the Operating Unit EEO Coordinators to insure proper development and coordination of plans, policies, and activities.

  • Identifying barriers which affect recruitment, hiring, retention, and promotion of women and minorities and recommending specific objectives to remedy the condition.

  • Assisting the Human Resources Management Division with developing the Affirmative Employment and Federal Employment Opportunity Recruitment plans and monitoring the implementation of the plans.

  • Conducting NIST wide training on Affirmative Employment laws, regulations, policies, and procedures.

  • Developing, coordinating, and managing automated information systems within the Civil Rights Office.

  • Participating with the Human Resources Management Division in the recruitment of women, minorities and individuals with disabilities and identifying target occupations for the Federal Equal Opportunity Recruitment Program.


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