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Eric B. Steel
Director, Program Office


Mr. Steel is the Director of the Program Office at the National Institute of Standards and Technology.  In this role he provides programmatic, policy, planning, and analytical support for the NIST Director and NIST.  Mr. Steel has a technical background in chemical imaging and microanalysis with emphasis in nanotechnology, chemical and biological threats related to homeland security, and environmental applications.  He has served in a variety of positions at NIST including leader of the Microanalysis Research Group and Acting Deputy Director of the Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory.  He has been responsible for developing over 20 NIST reference materials, two of NIST’s largest laboratory accreditation programs, and many documentary standards through Standards Development Organizations (including ANSI, ASTM, and ISO).  He has published many papers in the general field of materials characterization and microanalysis.

Mr. Steel came to NIST in 1978 and has initiated and developed several research programs in such areas as environmental particle characterization, chemical and biological agent analysis and standardization to combat threats of terror, nuclear treaty monitoring, analytical laboratory quality systems and accreditation, and nanotechnology device characterization including 3D nanoscale chemical imaging. 

As Director of the Program Office, Mr. Steel facilitates interdisciplinary program development; enables and conducts strategic planning and performance evaluation; provides NIST program information and analysis; and supports NIST management priorities, decisions, and leadership development. 





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