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Eric Steel, Director

The Program Office performs planning, analysis, and evaluation of NIST's programs for use by the NIST Director.

Eileen Conley, Secretary,, 301-975-2667

Analyst Permanent/Rotator Functions
Gary Anderson, Economic Analyst
Permanent TS,TIP, Facilities, Economic Analysis: Census/NSF liaison, Technology R&D & Small Company Strategy
Jason Boehm, Senior Analyst
Permanent CSTL, NCNR, NSTC (Comm. on Tech.), Bioscience Strategy
Susan Brainerd, Policy Analyst
Rotator Other Agency Liaison, Other Agency Strategy
Kimberly Briggman, Technology Analyst
Rotator PL, EEEL, Innovations in Measurement Science, Instrument Manufacturer Strategy, Energy
Wo Chang, Technology Analyst
Rotator ITL, BNQP, Standards Strategy, NIST Citation Impact

Gail K. Ehrlich, Program Analyst

Permanent NIST VCAT, Analysis of Evaluation and Impact Data, Fellowship Strategy
Robert W. Ivester, Technology Analyst
301- 975-4525,
Rotator MEL, MEP, CNST, New Employee Orientation, Research Advisory Committee
Barbara Jones, Policy Analyst
Rotator U.S. House of Representatives, Committee on Science & Technology
John Henry Scott, Policy Analyst
Rotator OSTP, Physical Sciences
Ken Snyder, Technology Analyst
Rotator BFRL, MSEL, NRC evaluation, OA Summary, Computing-Modeling-Simulation Strategy
Stephen Treado, Policy Analyst
Rotator Council on Environmental Quality
Gregory C. Tassey, Senior Economist 
Permanent Economic Analysis, Economic Prospective and Retrospective Impact Studies, Technology Strategy


Alumni Pictures of the Program Office

Phone: 301/975-2667
Fax: 301/216-0529

Last updated April 21, 2008
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