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The Scientific Visualization Studio (SVS) develops short computer animations of scientific concepts, data, instruments, and satellites related to various NASA and GSFC missions and research efforts. These animations serve as source material for education, scientific, mission and general public communities. The source material generated by the SVS may be used by public affairs for broadcast to the media, by the scientists for presentation, as source material for videos, CDs, museum displays and web sites. SVS team members interact with scientists from the various fields (such as ESE, CT, and NCCS) as well as Public Affairs in the development and distribution of the various animations. The spacecraft platforms actively being supported at present include SeaWiFS, SOHO, TRMM, TOMS, EO-1, GOES, TERRA, TRACE, and LandSat-7.

Visualization expertise is provided by the SVS team members in the form of direct consultation with researchers in order to understand their requirements and provide visualization tools and techniques to satisfy these requirements. Visualization production services take the form of video, film, software development, and color hardcopy generation.

The animations generated may include: generation of original data formats with such packages as IDL, Viz5D, and Performer including further creation and enhancements with programs such as Maya, Lightwave3D, Photoshop, Premier, RenderMan, and Final Cut Pro.

These animations may be supplemented with additional conceptual and model animations involving such programs as Lightwave3D, Maya, and Composer.

Other tools used are programming languages such as perl, python, tk, Tcl, and when no other tools are applicable, custom applications are developed using C, C++, and python. The Scientific Visualization Studio uses Linux workstations and Macintosh computers. The SVS saves every animation created. At one point they were grouped by topic, in a tape library. Now every frame is stored digitally and offered through this website. SVS team members are continually developing the database that populates this website, whether it be to track more information, or to find a better way to capture, store, and deliver this information. logo - the U.S. Government's official Web portal. + Privacy Policy and Important Notices
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