Discover Brookhaven is published by the Community, Education, Government & Public Affairs Directorate of Brookhaven National Laboratory

Editor: Kay Cordtz

Writers: Laura Mgrdichian, Karen McNulty Walsh

Roger Stoutenburgh

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Jill Carney

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Discover Brookhaven is an on-line magazine dedicated to exploring and explaining the scientific research and discoveries made at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. In this issue:

Photo of cityscape

Brookhaven Scientists Aid in Homeland Security Field Study
Data on how tracer gases move through “urban canyons” will help first responders plan for and respond to potential terrorist attacks and accidents involving harmful airborne contaminants.

Photo of Peter Thanos

Turning Off Alcohol Abuse
Studies of brain circuits and neurotransmitters in “alcoholic” animals suggest new ways to modulate drinking, offering hope that such treatments may one day help human alcoholics overcome their addiction.

Photo of Jose Rodriguez

Following Nature's Lead, Scientists Seek Better Catalysts
Theoretical investigations of a bacterial enzyme by Brookhaven Lab scientists have revealed a catalytic complex with higher predicted chemical reactivity than that of industrial catalysts currently in use. This research sparks hope for cleaner, more efficient hydrogen production.

Image of "perfect" liquid

A "Perfect" Liquid at RHIC
Evidence to date suggests that gold-gold collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) are creating a new state of hot, dense, matter different and even more remarkable than had been predicted.

Nanotube image

Nanotubes in a New Light
From flat-panel television displays to fuel cells to building materials, extraordinarily strong nanotubes contain properties applicable to new technologies.