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discover BROOKHAVEN is published by the Community, Education, Government & Public Affairs Directorate of Brookhaven National Laboratory

Editor: Marsha Belford
Writers: Marsha Belford, Peter Genzer, Laura Mgrdichian, Karen McNulty Walsh

Roger Stoutenburgh

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Gary Schroeder

Marge Lynch, Assistant Laboratory Director for Community, Education, Government & Public Affairs

Mona S. Rowe, Manager, Media & Communications Office

Discover Brookhaven is an on-line magazine dedicated to exploring and explaining the scientific research and discoveries made at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. In this issue:

Foreseeing Brookhaven’s Scientific Future
Based on the promise of present and future research, facilities, and funding, Brookhaven has solid scientific prospects before it.
- by Lab Director Praveen Chaudhari


Recyclable Catalyst May Help to Reduce Hazardous Industrial Waste
Brookhaven chemists have developed a new, “green” catalyst — one that converts chemical reactants into usable products without producing waste.


A New Approach to Anti-Viral Therapy
The main problem in fighting viruses is the evolution of drug-resistant strains. Brookhaven scientists are developing a new approach to anti-viral therapy that may prevent drug resistance from arising.


Clean, Sustainable Energy Alternatives
Alternative-energy research initiatives are underway at Brookhaven. The Laboratory's goal is to transfer to industry technology that solves world-wide energy challenges.


Latest RHIC Results Make News Headlines at Quark Matter 2004
New evidence was presented that gold-ion collisions at the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider are producing an extremely dense form of matter — which may be the long-sought quark-gluon plasma.


New Medical Imaging Technique First to Use Low-Dose X-Rays to Reveal Soft Tissue
X-rays from Brookhaven's National Synchrotron Light Source are being employed for the first time in a new, low-dose experimental technique to visualize not only bone, but also soft tissue.

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