Discover Brookhaven is published by the Community, Education, Government & Public Affairs Directorate of Brookhaven National Laboratory

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Discover Brookhaven is an on-line magazine dedicated to exploring and explaining the scientific research and discoveries made at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Brookhaven National Laboratory. In this issue:

“Beefed Up” Plant-Dwelling Bacteria Boost Phytoremediation
Brookhaven biologists and their collaborators think they’ve found a way to improve plants’ use in environmental cleanup: transfer genes from pollutant degrading bacteria into bacteria residing in the plants so the resident bacteria can help the plants break down the pollutants.


Scientists Create and Manipulate Nanoscale "Water Wires"
Scientists at Brookhaven Lab’s National Synchrotron Light Source are studying how protons move in water at the nanoscale with an eye to implications in other areas of science. Hydrogen fuel cell technology may be one of the beneficiaries.


Brookhaven Scientists Sample the Skies
To get the big picture on air pollution and climate, scientists have to think big — and small. Last summer, scientists from Brookhaven and other Department of Energy labs crisscrossed the skies above Western Pennsylvania to track the tiniest particles of air pollution.


Research on "Holes" May Unearth Causes of Superconductivity
High-temperature superconducting materials could revolutionize electronics, computing, and electric power transmission — that is, once scientists understand how they work. Brookhaven Lab physicists have discovered that “holes” may hold a valuable clue.


Taking Charge of Molecular Wires
Linking single molecules together produces . . . long molecules. Yes, but scientists at Brookhaven view them as much more. They see “molecular wires” ­­ tiny electron conductors with huge potential.