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Insurance Services Programs

Federal Employee Health Benefit Program

RI 70-5 For TCC and Former Spouse Enrollees

Program Features

  • No Waiting Periods. You can use your benefits as soon as your coverage becomes effective. There are no pre-existing condition limitations even if you change plans.

  • A Choice of Coverage. Choose between Self Only or Self and Family.

  • Group Benefits. Under spouse equity coverage, you pay the total monthly premium. Under TCC, you pay the total monthly premium plus a 2 percent administrative charge.

  • A Choice of Plans and Options. Select from Fee-for-Service (with the option of a Preferred Provider Organization), Health Maintenance Organization, Point-of-Service plans, Consumer-Driven plans, or High Deductible Health Plans.

  • Annual Enrollment Opportunity. Each year you can enroll or change your health plan enrollment. This year the Open Season runs from November 14, 2005, through December 12, 2005.

  • Continued Group Coverage. Eligibility for you or your family members may continue following your retirement, divorce or death. See your Human Resources office for more information.

  • Coverage after FEHB Ends. You or your family members may be eligible for conversion to non-group (private) coverage when FEHB coverage ends. See your Human Resources office for more information.

  • Consumer Protections. Go to to: see your appeal rights to OPM if you and your plan have a dispute over a claim; read the Patients' Bill of Rights and the FEHB Program and; learn about your privacy protections when it comes to your medical information.

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