The African-American Experience in Ohio, 1850-1920

A Selection of Favorites

From the materials of different categories included in this collection, staff from the Ohio Historical Society have picked a few favorites.

These manuscript materials include personal accounts and letters from both African Americans and whites. See some favorite items.*
Published materials that include personal accounts, organizational reports, partisan handbooks, convention proceedings, legislative speeches and public orations. See some favorite items. *
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Photographs and prints
Images selected from photograph and manuscript collections. See some favorite items.*
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Ohio newspapers
African-American newspapers covered local, national, and world news. Articles relating to African Americans were selected for this collection. See some favorite items.*
Newspaper Headline
Other serial publications
The A.M.E. Church Review, arguably the earliest published African American journal, covered a wide variety of topical articles, including politics, education, religion, history, and current world events. See some favorite items.*
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