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Stomach Cancer Trial Results
1.  Eliminating a Common Bacterium Reduces Risk of Second Gastric Cancer
(Posted: 09/02/2008) - When the bacterium Helicobacter pylori is eliminated in patients who are treated for early stage gastric cancer, the risk of developing a second gastric cancer decreases by two-thirds, according to the Aug. 2, 2008, issue of The Lancet.

2.  Stomach Cancer Drug, S-1, Shows Promise in Japanese Trial
(Posted: 03/12/2008) - In this Japanese clinical trial, patients with advanced, inoperable stomach cancer who received combination therapy with cisplatin and a drug called S-1 lived about two months longer than patients treated with S-1 alone, according to the March 2008 Lancet Oncology.

3.  Chemotherapy Before Surgery May Increase Survival in Stomach Cancer
(Posted: 07/09/2007) - Chemotherapy given before surgery for cancer of the lower esophagus and stomach increased the number of patients surviving for five years compared to surgery alone, according to findings presented at the 2007 ASCO meeting in Chicago.

4.  Adding Docetaxel Improves Survival in Stomach Cancer
(Posted: 05/15/2005, Updated: 11/13/2006) - Addition of the drug docetaxel (Taxotere®) to other chemotherapy drugs used to treat advanced stomach cancer increased the number of patients surviving for at least two years, according to findings presented at the 2005 meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.

5.  New Chemotherapy Regimen Extends Survival for Patients with Resectable Gastric Cancer
(Posted: 07/12/2006) - When it comes to chemotherapy for locally invasive gastric cancer, results from an international clinical trial published in the July 6, 2006, issue of the New England Journal of Medicine suggest that timing can make all the difference.
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