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Acquiring Published Genealogies

Please help the Library of Congress identify and acquire new and reprinted genealogy and local history volumes.

The Library of Congress has one of the world's premier collections of U.S. and foreign genealogy and local history publications. The Library's genealogy collection began as early as 1815 when Thomas Jefferson's library was purchased. Through generations of international giving, the Library's collections contain more than 40,000 compiled family histories and over 100,000 U.S. local histories. The Library also collects local histories from around the world. Researchers doing foreign research will find strong collections for western Europe, especially the British Isles, Ireland, and Germany.


To donate a genealogy or local history to the Library of Congress, bring the book to the Local History and Genealogy Reading Room, located on the ground floor of the Jefferson Building (LJ-G42), or to the Anglo/American Acquisitions Division, U.S. Acquisitions Section located on the ground floor of the James Madison Building (LM-G33). Donations may be sent by FedEx or UPS to either:

Library of Congress
Anglo-American Acquisitions Division
USA Gifts
101 Independence Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20540-4174
(202) 707-9503 Phone
(202) 707-9440 FAX
Library of Congress
Local History and Genealogy
Collection Development
101 Independence Ave., SE
Washington, DC 20540-4660
(202)707-5537 Phone
(202)707-1957 FAX

Donations to the Library of Congress will be acknowledged, and may be tax deductible, depending on the donor's own tax situation. We strongly encourage the use of acid-free paper and if the work requires binding, please allow wide margins.


If it is not possible for you to donate your publication to the Library, we will make every effort to purchase a copy, subject to the availability of funds. Please send the publisher's name, address, and telephone number, along with the author, title, and price of the book to Local History & Genealogy, Collection Development, at the address listed.


When copyright deposit copies of genealogies are sent to the Copyright Office of the Library of Congress it is not necessary to donate additional gift copies. If you copyright your published work, two copies must be deposited with the Copyright Office within three months of publication. If your work is unpublished, only one copy is required for registration, and the mandatory deposit requirement does not apply. Should you wish to register your claim to copyright, copies must be accompanied by a completed Form TX and a $30.00 non-refundable filing fee.

Copyrighted published genealogies are automatically added to the Library's collections; registered unpublished genealogies may be selected if the Library's selection officer is aware that the work is a genealogy. To assist in this selection, the title line on the application for registration of an unpublished genealogy should contain a reference to genealogy, for example: John Doe, family history (genealogy). This will help assure that it will be added to the Library's collections. The Library restricts the use that may be made of unpublished genealogies contained in its collections. Further information regarding copyright is available from:

Information Section, LM-401
Copyright Office
Library of Congress
101 Independence Ave., SE
Washington DC. 20559-6300
(202) 707-3000 Public Information Office
(202) 707-9100 Forms Hotline

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  June 2, 2006

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