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Customize this sample letter to request that a State or local official issue a proclamation about women and heart disease as part of a local or statewide observance.  Use the sample as a model to write your letter and proclamation—consider inserting local statistics and facts regarding women and heart disease to localize your proclamation.

(Insert Date)

Dear (Governor, Mayor, etc.),

Friday, February 1, 2008, is the fifth annual National Wear Red Day.  On this day, Americans nationwide will take women's health to heart by wearing red to show their support for women's heart disease awareness.  Although significant progress has been made increasing awareness among womenfrom 34 percent in 2000 to 57 percent in 2006—most women fail to make the connection between risk factors and their personal risk of developing heart disease.

I am writing to encourage you to issue a proclamation declaring Friday, February 1, 2008, as National Wear Red Day in (insert city/state).  By taking this action, you will unite our (city/state) with National Wear Red Day events taking place across the country.  By participating in National Wear Red Day, you will greatly enhance the efforts to improve awareness of women and heart disease in conjunction with The Heart Truth campaign and other national efforts.

The Heart Truth is a national awareness campaign aimed at giving women a personal and urgent wake-up call that heart disease is their #1 health threat.  The centerpiece of the campaign is the Red Dress—the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness.  What's a Red Dress got to do with it?  A simple Red Dress works as a visual red alert to get the message heard loud and clear:  "Heart Disease Doesn't Care What You Wear—It's the #1 Killer of Women."  Sponsored by the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, part of the National Institutes of Health, U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the campaign is reaching women with important heart health messages in community settings through a diverse network of national and grassroots partner organizations.  For more information, visit

Please join in and help us spread the word.  Your support will send a clear message to the women of (insert city/state) that protecting their heart health is important to them, their families, and their communities.


(Insert name)

cc: The Heart Truth Campaign
1111 19th Street, NW
10th Floor
Washington, DC 20036


Whereas, National Wear Red Day celebrates the extraordinary progress in women's heart health and recognizes that more needs to be done in (insert name of city/state) to safeguard women's health for generations to come.

Whereas, Heart disease is the #1 killer of women and one in four American women dies of heart disease.

Whereas, Most women do not know that heart disease is a women's problem and they do not take it seriously.

Whereas, The risk factors for heart disease are smoking, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, overweight/obesity, physical inactivity, diabetes, a family history of early heart disease, and age.

Whereas, Women can promote their own heart health and prevent disease and illness by taking steps to prevent and control the heart disease risk factors.

Whereas, Keeping women healthy and promoting awareness of women's health issues, including heart health, is an important responsibility and depends on the actions of many organizations and groups in our community.

Whereas, Women's health remains a priority for families, communities, and government, and our commitment to keeping women healthy is stronger than ever.

Whereas, The Heart Truth campaign and its Red Dress symbol are building awareness of women's heart disease risk and empowering them to reduce their risk and prevent heart disease.

Therefore, (insert name of city/state) women need to take action to make heart health a priority for themselves and their families, become aware of their personal risk factors for heart disease, and take action to lower their risk.

Now, therefore, I (insert official's name and title) do hereby proclaim Friday, February 1, 2008, as National Wear Red Day in (insert name of city/state) and encourage all citizens to wear red to unite in the national movement to give women a personal and urgent wake-up call about their risk of heart disease.

____________________________________   ______________________
(Signature) (Date)

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