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safety tips for your own web site

Here are a few guidelines for sharing information with other people while staying safe.
  1. Keep your last name, address, or telephone number off your Web page and out of your e-mail.
    Everyone has access to your Web site once you make it. There are a lot of strange people in the world and we only want them to visit your Web site and not in person. This is the most important thing to remember. Many people even choose nicknames for their Web sites.

  2. Be careful when e-mailing or chatting with people.
    E-mail is a great way to talk to people without giving out your address and telephone number. You can post your e-mail address on your Web site. If somebody sends you something that makes you feel funny, it is very important to tell an adult immediately. You should never give out your street address or phone number on the web and you should never send them to someone in the mail either.

  3. Ask for graphics, music, or text that isn't yours.
    Viewing other Web sites can be a great way to learn. If you find a graphic or music on somebody else's Web site, it doesn't belong to you. You may either ask for the graphic or go to the many "free" graphic sites and get what you like. 

  4. Use your head!
    If you ever think that you or somebody else is doing something wrong, tell an adult immediately.

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