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Expanding E-Government

The Office of Management and Budget (OMB) released its E-Government and IT 2008 Expanding E-Government Results report on May 19, 2008, highlighting last year’s accomplishments and featuring future goals for the agencies managing IT investments. In addition to the Results report, the CIO Council updated its Strategic Plan for 2007-2009, featuring transition activities to ensure common government wide solutions into the next Administration.

Specifically, the CIO Council has engaged in activities to support continued development of the IT work force and the sharing of best practices. “By incorporating industry best practices for managing technology and information management, the Federal Government has made major improvements,” said Clay Johnson, OMB Deputy Director for Management. “And it will strive to be the world’s leader in managing information systems to achieve the greatest gains in productivity, service and results for the American taxpayer.”

E-Government and IT continues to improve its performance as illustrated in the Results report. Since launching the E-Government solutions for improved services in 2002, agencies now operate and support the common government wide solutions. These initiatives are providing high-quality and well-managed solutions throughout the Federal government demonstrated during FY 2007, where 22 out of 27 agencies (81 percent) successfully completed major implementation milestones showing greater adoption and use of these services from citizens, businesses and government agencies, and shutting down legacy systems.