Office of Audits: Contracting Officer Services

The Office of Audits provides assistance to contracting officials in awarding and administering GSA contracts.  We perform both pre-award audits of proposals and post-award audits of contracts.   We furnish support to Agency contracting and legal personnel in negotiation/litigation of claims and contract disputes.  In addition, we furnish assistance on civil fraud and criminal matters.  The types of service we provide include:

Pre-award Audits - designed to assist GSA officials in negotiating fair and reasonable contract prices for the Government.  Pre-award audits we conduct include:  Audits of Multiple Award Schedule Contracts, Audits of Architect/Engineer (A/E) Proposals, Audits of Cost or Pricing Data, Evaluations of Change Order Proposals, Audits of Claims, Audits of Leases, and Audits of Concession Contracts. 

Post-award Audits - performed to help contracting officials administer contracts and ensure that the Government gets what it pays for.  Post-award audits we accomplish include:  Defective Pricing Reviews, Billing Reviews, Industrial Funding Audits, and Reviews of Cost Reimbursable Contracts.

Other Services - assist the contracting officer in obtaining and maintaining the best possible prices for goods and services.  We can attend negotiation sessions upon request, appear at hearings, etc.

Assistance on Criminal and Civil Issues - reflects the Office's ongoing efforts to pursue cases involving procurement fraud and practices which threaten the integrity of the Government procurement process.  We assist the OIG Office of Investigations and the Counsel to the Inspector General in proving criminal and civil fraud activities by contractors.  Often, the Department of Justice requests this work.