Office of Audits: Management Services

Audits are the type of service most frequently associated with the Office of Audits.  However, they are far from the only services we are able and willing to provide. 

We are striving to produce audits with greater value to GSA and to get them in management's hands sooner.  Innovative efforts to reach that goal include application of the team concept to audits and development of more sharply defined audit objectives.  The types of audits we normally perform on GSA programs or functions include:

Program Reviews - broad based reviews of GSA operations, programs, or activities.  They assess how well the program is meeting legislated, Agency, and customer expectations and if the program is operating in a cost-responsible manner.  These reviews also look at whether the program could be accomplished in a better way.

Information Systems Reviews - complex audits of information technology systems and applications, including computer hardware and software and automated data processing activities.  They evaluate whether these systems assist the Agency in meeting customer needs, allow management to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of operations, and meet all user requirements. 

Management Control Reviews - evaluations of the existing system of management controls.  They assess whether these controls can reasonably ensure that program assets will be adequately safeguarded, efficiently used, and appropriately monitored, and that expected outcomes will be achieved. 

Regulatory Reviews - reviews mandated by law or regulation.  They include such reviews as F.M.F.I.A., GSA's consolidated financial statements, performance measures, etc. 

Compliance Reviews - traditional recurring types of reviews that this office has historically performed.  Reviews of post award leases, property management centers, fleet management centers, and the like fall into this category as these are preventative type audits designed to evaluate conformance with applicable laws, regulations, and policies and to provide safeguards against fraud.