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II. Program Characteristics/Description

A. General Description
The Clinical Research Center Grant (P50) supports an investigator-initiated research program in which a team of investigators works in a clearly defined central theme of mutual scientific interest. The NIDCD believes this mechanism facilitates economy of effort, space, and equipment, and accelerates the acquisition of knowledge by stimulating cooperation among clinical investigators whose projects are directed toward a common goal.

B. Essential Criteria
The essential criteria for Clinical Research Center Grant (P50) eligibility are listed below. All four of the criteria must be met for an application to be considered appropriate for the P50 mechanism.

  1. The research to be conducted must be clinical as defined above.
  2. The P50 must have a well-defined central unifying theme consisting of three or more subprojects with supporting cores as appropriate.
  3. Each subproject must be unambiguously related to the central unifying theme. Synergistic and substantial interactions among the subprojects must be evident.
  4. The overall P50 must provide multidisciplinary approaches to the central theme, defined as having subprojects representing different disciplines, approaches and expertise.

C. Additional Instructions
Studies with normal human subjects (e.g., those without a communication disorder) may be included in the research only when data from normal controls are essential for interpretation of the results.

Non-human research will be allowed on a NIDCD P50 grant only if translational or serves as a platform for translational research. Prior approval from the designated NIDCD Program Director and the NIDCD P50 Coordinator must be obtained and documented in the cover letter.

Core support can be requested as part of a P50 application to provide essential resources required by multiple subprojects. Requests must be carefully justified and not be used to acquire additional support for existing cores already at the institution.

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