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American competitiveness in global high tech markets depends on a workforce with a strong foundation in math and science and a commitment to lifelong learning, skills replenishment and the use of information technology to solve real customer problems, now and into the future. The ITAA Workforce and Education Program starts with initiatives that help build a better understanding of the IT workforce, stimulate public support for math, science, technology and engineering tuition assistance, and that bridge the gap between the skills needed by industry and the coursework taught by academia. The Workforce and Education Program is also geared to the needs of IT firms interested in using technology to improve education and training delivery, both in the public and private sectors.

Workforce & Education Headlines
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arrowCGI, Northrop Grumman Open New Facilities in Rural Virginia
arrowITAA Releases New Report on Domestic ‘In-Sourcing’
arrowITAA Expresses Concerns with Senate Immigration Bill
arrowITAA Partners with COMAP to Study Math in the IT Workplace
arrowFDIC Corporate University Banks on Technology
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