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Hispanic American Veterans: Answering the Call (Experiencing War, Stories from the Veterans History Project, Library of Congress)
Asked to serve their country in time of war, Hispanic Americans displayed loyalty, bravery, and persistence in the face of adversity. Some, especially those of the World War II generation, were familiar with discrimination back home but saw their service as affirming the ideals of democracy. From Charles Rodriguez, who fought with Merrill’s Marauders in WWII Burma, to Jose Mares, a teenager who survived incredible hardship as a POW during the Korean War, here are nine inspirational stories from the archives of the Library of Congress Veterans History Project.
Image: Sam DominguezSam Dominguez ARMY
World War II

Video Interview
VHP Placeholder ImageJoe Dominguez
World War II

Video Interview
VHP Placeholder ImagePatricino Gabaldon
World War II

Audio Interview, Handwritten Memoir
Image: Jose MaresJose Mares
Korea, Vietnam

Video Interview, Photos, Cartoons, Memoirs, etc.

VHP Placeholder ImageRadolfo Marquiz
World War II, Korea

Audio Interview
Image: Alfonso PerezAlfonso Perez
World War II

Video Interview, Photos
VHP Placeholder ImageJuan J. Rocha
World War II

Audio Interview
Image: Charles RodriguezCharles Rodriguez
World War II

Audio Interview,

Image: Jose SolJose Sol
World War II

Audio Interview, Photos
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