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Center for Veterinary Medicine
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CVM Guidance and Policy Documents in Aquaculture

CVM Guidances for Aquaculture

CVM Program Policy and Procedures Manual Sections on Aquaculture

Hyper-links to sections of the CVM Program Policy and Procedures Manual dealing with Aquaculture. Provides a quick reference to the rules, regulations, and instructions pertinent to CVM's aquaculture program responsibilities, including the review of new animal drug applications, low regulatory priority and extra-label drug use, and other post-market surveillance and compliance activities

  • 1240.4200 - Drug Use in Aquaculture Enforcement Priorities

  • 1240.4210 - Extra-label Use of Approved Drugs in Aquaculture 

  • 1240.4220 - Drug-Pesticide Issues 

  • 1240.4230 - Regulation of Fish Identification Products 

  • 1240.4260 - Classification of Aquaculture Species/Population as Food or Non- food

  • 1240.4270 - Use of Drugs in Outdoor Aquatic Research Facilities

Compliance Policy Guide 615.115: Extralabel Use of Medicated Feeds for Minor Species

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