Bob Hope and American Variety
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Samuel Brylawski, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division

Interpretive Programs Office:
Irene Chambers, Interpretive Programs Officer
Kimberli Curry, Exhibition Director
Betsy Nahum-Miller, Exhibit Specialist

Additional Staff: Giulia Adelfio, Denise Agee, Tracey Avant, Margaret Brown, Seth de Matties, Deborah Durbeck, Linwood Green, Martha Hopkins, Carroll Johnson, Antonio La Greca, Susan Mordan, Christopher O'Connor, Cheryl Regan, Pamela Steele, Kenneth Stoken, and Gwynn Wilhelm

Curatorial Assistants:
Alan Gevinson, and Mike Mashon, Motion Picture, Broadcasting and Recorded Sound Division

Research Assistant:
Margaret Ershler

Copyright Clearances:
Sam Serafy

Library of Congress Staff:
Peter Alyea, Larry Appelbaum, Brad McCoy, Janet McKee, Edwin Matthias, Patrick Loughney, Bryan Cornell, Rosemary Hanes, Allan McConnell, David Sager, and Nancy J. Seeger, Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound Division;
Carl Fleischhauer, National Digital Library Program;
Mary Ison, Elena Millie, and C. Ford Peatross, Prints and Photographs Division;
Clark Evans, Rare Book and Special Collections Division;
Robin Rausch, Loras Schissel, Raymond White, and Walter Zvonchenko Music Division;
Alice Birney, Laura J. Kells, and Marvin Kranz, Manuscript Division;
Pat Padua, Motion Picture, Broadcasting, and Recorded Sound;
Mark Sweeney, Newspaper and Periodicals;
Winston Tabb, Kenneth Schaaf, Dorothy Denchy, Pauline Bushrod, Julie Mangin, and Elizabeth Miller, Library Services;
Stanley Bandong, Graphics Service Unit;
Onnetta Benoit, and John Richardson, Printing Management Section;
Rikki Condon, Conservation Office;
Norma Baker, Development Office;
Kim Moden and Nancy Mitchell, Special Events Office;
Jill Brett and Craig D'Ooge, Public Affairs Office;
Glen Krankowski, Domenic Sergi, Michael Smallwood, Courtney Whisenton, and David Woodward, Information Technology Services;
Debra Murphy, Katherine Philips, Christopher Hansen and Napoleon Jasper, Office of Contracts and Logistics;
King Lee, Kenneth Lopez, and James Schenkel, Office of Security.

Special thanks to the staff of the Architect of the Capitol's Office, Library of Congress.

Electronic Security:
Keator Services

Audio-Visual Production:
Hillman and Carr, Inc.

Interactive Systems Design and Development:
Blair, Dubilier & Associates and Dale Alward

Exhibition and Brochure Design:
James Symons and Sheila Harrington, Studio Five

The Library of Congress gratefully acknowledges the contributions of Bob and Dolores Hope and their family for the preservation of the Bob Hope Collection and for the realization of the Bob Hope Gallery of American Entertainment and this exhibition.

The Hope family made this gallery possible through their generous donation of the Bob Hope Collection, funds to realize the installation, and through the establishment of an endowment that will provide continuing support for the Bob Hope Gallery of American Entertainment.

The Library also extends particular thanks to Linda Hope and the staff of Hope Enterprises who gave of their time and talent unstintingly during the development of the gallery.


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