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  This page reveals the latest additions to the Learning Page, as well as special events, conference presentations, and programs of interest to educators.

getting started
  Information to assist you in locating materials in American Memory and the Learning Page.
  How to Search - Describes the different search options available for locating resources and suggests ways to make your searches more effective.
  How to Use Offline - Provides tips for accessing, printing, and saving materials in American Memory.
  Tools and Links - Offers links to other helpful websites at the Library and elsewhere on the Internet, including links on copyright restrictions, citation procedures, and ordering electronic sources.

lesson plans
  Here you will find lesson plans developed by education professionals. You will also find the following items to help create your own lessons and integrate American Memory primary sources into the classroom.
  Media Analysis Tools - Worksheets that help students develop analyses of various media in American Memory.
  Using Primary Sources in the Classroom - Ideas and techniques with easy-to-find objects, sounds, images, and texts.
  Lesson Framework - Tips on selecting and incorporating primary sources into phases of a lesson.
  Historian's Sources - Introduces students to the analysis of everyday artifacts.

features & activities
  Features bring together items from across the American Memory collections to investigate a common curricular theme. These presentations include historical "background" to help tell the story behind the theme.
  American Memory Timeline - A comprehensive, chronological look at America's history, through primary sources. . . an excellent place to start when looking for curricular support in the American Memory collections.
  Elections: Shockwave Version | Non-Shockwave Version - How have American elections changed over time? What similarities can we see in elections of yesteryear and those of today?
  Immigration - See the building of the nation. How have immigrants shaped this land?
  Inaugurations - Observe the pageantry of presidential inaugurations through images and written accounts from the American Memory collections.
  Thanksgiving - Investigate the American tradition of celebrating Thanksgiving, beginning in colonial times.
  Women Pioneers -Experience the stories of women who forged ahead to make a better life for themselves, their families, and their societies.
  These activities provide an interactive, "hands-on" experience. Activities focus on a specific topic, rather than broad themes. Although designed to be used with teacher direction, some activities can be used by students, independently.
  Who's That Lady? - Use the American Memory collections and other resources to meet the challenge of the Turn-of-the-Century, First Ladies' Bowl.
  Historical Detective - Search the American Memory collections to solve the riddle.
  The Big Picture - Complete the jigsaw puzzles, then hunt for information in American Memory to find the theme for each puzzle set.
  Port of Entry - Use your detective skills to uncover the stories of immigrants to the United States.
  Copyright and the Web - Use this interactive activity to learn about copyright issues on the World Wide Web (Shockwave plug-in required). Created by American Memory Fellow, Linda Joseph.

collections connections
  You can learn more about the historical content and educational uses of American Memory collections.
  Collection Connections - Each Collection Connection provides a summary of the collection's historical content; many Collection Connections provide teaching strategies and learning activity ideas, as well.
  Read More About It - The Center for the Book has prepared reading lists for adult and younger readers to help you Read More About It.

community center
  Interact with educators from around the country and learn new ideas for teaching with primary sources.
  The Source - Share ideas for using primary sources in curriculum in this online newsletter written by and for educators.
  Discussions - Join the Library of Congress staff in monthly, themed discussions about reading and primary sources.

professional developmentcommunity center
  Through a variety of professional development programs, learn how to effectively use American Memory resources in the classroom.
  Workshops - A listing of In House, Video Conference, and Self-Serve workshops are available online.
  Handouts - Handy guides which make excellent "quick reference" resources which are useful for personal use or as handouts at presentations and professional development sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions
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