Future Missions

  • Aquarius image

    Aquarius  →

    Aquarius is a focused satellite mission to measure global Sea Surface Salinity (SSS).

  • Image depicting views from the Big Bang Observer

    Big Bang Observer  →

    To explore the beginning of time, a "Big Bang Observer" will build upon LISA to directly measure gravitons from the early Universe still present today.

  • Image depicting views from the Black Hole Imager

    Black Hole Imager  →

    The goal of the Black Hole Imager mission will be to calculate the aspects of matter that fall into a black hole.

  • image of the CINDI logo

    CINDI  →

    CINDI seeks to discover how the neutral gas motions and the charged particle motions are related

  • artist image of ConX mission

    Constellation-X  →

    The Constellation-X Observatory is a combination of several X-ray satellites orbiting in close proximity to each other and working in unison to generate the observing power of one giant telescope.

  • image of Albert Einstein

    Einstein Probes  →

    The Beyond Einstein program has three linked elements which advance science and technology towards two visions: to detect directly gravitational wave signals from the earliest possible moments of the Big Bang, and to image the event horizon of a black hole.

  • Glast


    With GLAST, astronomers will at long last have a superior tool to study how black holes, notorious for pulling matter in, can accelerate jets of gas outward at fantastic speeds.

  • Glory

    Glory  →

    The GLORY satellite is a earth science mission, which uses the refurbished bus of the cancelled VCL satellite.

  • GOES image

    GOES N-P

    GOES-N Series includes GOES N, O, & P- they provide a constant vigil for the atmospheric "triggers" for severe weather conditions such as tornadoes, flash floods, hail storms, and hurricanes.

  • GPM image

    GPM  →

    The GPM mission will measure Global Precipitation and provide improvements in water resource management.

  • image of James Webb Space Telescope

    James Webb Space Telescope  →

    The James Webb Space Telescope is a large, infrared-optimized space telescope that is designed to study the earliest galaxies and some of the first stars formed after the Big Bang. (proposed launch date of August 2013)

  • LDCM image

    LDCM  →

    The Landsat Data Continuity Mission (LDCM) will ensure the continued collection of Landsat data.

  • LISA image

    LISA  →

    LISA (Laser Interferometer Space Antenna) consists of three spacecrafts that will carry delicate instruments to track each other and, in concert, measure passing gravitational waves.

  • LRO  →

    The LRO mission emphasizes the overall objective of obtaining data that will facilitate returning men safely to the Moon where testing and preparations for an eventual manned mission to Mars will be undertaken.

  • NPP image

    NPP  →

    The NPOESS Preparatory Project Mission is designed to function as a bridge between the NASA EOS program and NPOESS for the development of Visible/Infrared Imager Radiometer Suite (VIIRS).

  • OCO

    OCO  →

    OCO provides space-based observations of atmospheric carbon dioxide.

  • image of Solar Dynamic Observatory displayed using magnetic fields

    SDO  →

    The first Space Weather Research Network mission in the Living With a Star (LWS) Program of the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA).

  • TDRS8 image

    TDRS 8-10  →

    TDRS-future will provide replenishment satellites to continue communications services to support NASA missions.

  • TWINS A/B  →

    The Two Wide-angle Imaging Neutral-atom Spectrometers (TWINS) mission provides a new capability for stereoscopically imaging the magnetosphere.