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Presidents Pay Agent

Recommendations of the Federal Salary Council and Employee Organizations

The Federal Salary Council's deliberations and recommendations have had an important and constructive influence on the findings and recommendations of the Pay Agent. The Council's recommendations appear in Appendix I. We have adopted all of the Council's recommendations. The members of the Federal Salary Council are:

Terri Lacy Chair;
George Nesterczuk Vice Chair;
Rudy J. Maestas Chief, Wage and Hour Bureau, New Mexico Department of Labor;
J. David Cox National Secretary-Treasurer
American Federation of Government Employees
Colleen M. Kelley National President,
National Treasury Employees Union;
Frank D. Ferris National Executive Vice President,
National Treasury Employees Union;
Richard N. Brown National President,
National Federation of Federal Employees;
Thomas Bastas National President,
Association of Civilian Technicians; and
James Pasco Executive Director,
Fraternal Order of Police

The Council's recommendations were provided to a selection of organizations not represented on the Council. These organizations were asked to send comments for inclusion in this report. Comments received appear in Appendix VII.