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Division of Intramural Research (DIR)

Name Current Research Initiatives Bldg/Room Phone
Office of the Director of Intramural Research
Robert J. Wenthold, Ph.D.
Scientific Director
  5 Research Court, 2B-28 (301) 402-2829
David Robinson, Ph.D.
Deputy Scientific Director
  5 Research Court, 2B-32 (301) 496-1601
Carter Van Waes, M.D.
Clinical Director
  10 CRC, 4-2732 (301) 402-4216
Lynne Penn
Chief Administrative Officer
  5 Research Court, 2B-22A (301) 402-3365
Vernary Taylor
Administrative Officer
  5 Research Court, 2B-22 (301) 402-3365
Head and Neck Surgery Branch
Tumor Biology Section
Carter Van Waes, M.D. Molecular Pathogenesis and Therapy of Cancers Affecting Human Communication 10 CRC, 4-2732 (301) 402-4216
Voice, Speech, and Language Branch
Language Section
Allen Braun, M.D. PET and fMRI Activation Studies of Language 10, 8S235A (301) 402-1497
Section on Brain Imaging and Modeling
Barry Horwitz, Ph.D. Neuromodeling, Functional Brain Imaging, and Language 10, 8S235B (301) 594-7755
Otolaryngology Branch
Molecular Biology and Genetics Section
Andrew J. Griffith, M.D., Ph.D. Molecular Mechanisms of Genetic Deafness 5 Research Court, 2A-02 (301) 496-1960
Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Section on Sensory Cell Regeneration and Development
Doris K. Wu, Ph.D. Molecular Basis for the Morphogenesis of the Inner Ear 5 Research Court, 2B-34 (301) 402-4214
Section on Neurogenetics
Konrad Noben-Trauth, Ph.D. Genetic and Functional Analyses of Mouse Deafness Mutations 5 Research Court, 2A-31 (301) 402-4223
Laboratory of Molecular Genetics
Section on Human Genetics
Thomas B. Friedman, Ph.D. Molecular Genetics of Hereditary Deafness 5 Research Court, 2A-19 (301) 496-7882
Section on Systems Biology of Communication Disorders
Dennis Drayna, Ph.D. Genetic Linkage and Positional Cloning in Human Communication Disorders 5 Research Court, 2B-46 (301) 402-4930
Laboratory of Cellular Biology
Section on Biophysics
Kuni Iwasa, Ph.D. Biophysical Mechanisms of Sensory Transduction 50 South Drive, 4-4140 (301) 496-3987
Section on Cell Structure
Bechara Kachar, M.D. Molecular Basis of Transduction in Auditory Sensory Organs 50 South Drive, 4249 (301) 402-1600
Section on Auditory Mechanics
Richard Chadwick, Ph.D. Biomechanics of Cochlear Fine Tuning 10, 5D/49
(301) 435-1957
Section on Signal Transduction
John Northup, Ph.D. Structure and Function of Signal-Transducing G-Proteins 5 Research Court, 2A-11 (301) 496-9167
Developmental Neuroscience Section
Matthew W. Kelley, Ph.D. Development of the Mammalian Cochlea 35 Convent Dr, 2A100 (301) 435-8075
Laboratory of Neurochemistry
Section on Neurotransmitter Receptor Biology
Robert J. Wenthold, Ph.D. Neurochemical Mechanisms of Hearing 50 South Drive, 4-4140 (301) 496-6530
Vaccine Research Section
Xing-Xing Gu, M.D. Vaccine Development and Molecular Immunity in Otitis media 5 Research Court, 2A-31 (301) 402-3033
Section on Synaptic Transmission
Stephan D. Brenowitz, Ph.D. Synaptic Mechanisms of Auditory Signaling 50 South Drive, 4152 (301) 496-6069
Veterinary Husbandry and Care Program
James McGehee, DVM   5 Research Court, 1B18 (301) 402-0223


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