Richard Sterban Audio NOAA Weather Radio Public Service Announcement #2

Hi, this is Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys. Advanced warning of dangerous weather is critical to all people. As a family man and an outdoor enthusiast, I can get advanced warning about the weather and you can too, by listening to NOAA Weather Radio.

There's usually a station close by, and it broadcasts vital weather information 24 hours a day. Weather doesn't take a holiday or weekend off, or close down at night. Neither does NOAA weather radio. It's there when we need it most, transmitting life-saving severe weather watches and warnings from the National Weather Service. NOAA Weather Radio also airs forecasts, current conditions, and even hazardous driving conditions if roads get icy or foggy.

NOAA Weather Radio, the "voice of the National Weather Service" and the "radio for all seasons". It saves lives.