Richard Sterban Audio NOAA Weather Radio Public Service Announcement #3

Hi, this is Richard Sterban of the Oak Ridge Boys. And I want to talk to you about weather. As a member of a popular music group, I know the importance of weather when traveling. As a family man and outdoor enthusiast, I also know the importance of weather in our everyday lives. Local radio and TV stations do a great job of alerting you to severe weather. But what if a radio or TV isn't available?

That's where NOAA Weather Radio comes in. Weather Radio, a feature of the National Weather Service, provides round-the-clock broadcasts of weather forecasts, current conditions, and severe weather watches and warnings. NOAA Weather Radio is one of the quickest and most reliable ways to get important weather information.

Looking for a gift for that someone who has everything? How about a NOAA Weather Radio, the "radio for all seasons"? They're available at most electronics and department stores.

NOAA Weather Radio. It saves lives.