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The Goddard Visitor Center

Visit us to see exciting model rocket launches, hear informative lectures and watch the awe-inspiring "Science on a Sphere" exhibit.

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Contact Information

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Get in Touch with NASA Goddard

This page contains contact information, maps and driving directions to the Goddard Space Flight Center and its affiliated facilities.

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Robert H. Goddard

Photo of Dr. Robert H. Goddard
Who Was Dr. Goddard?

Learn more about the American rocketry pioneer for whom the Goddard Space Flight Center is named.

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Freedom of Information Act

  • Goddard FOIA Public Liaison Officer

    The Public Liaison Officer for the Goddard Space Flight Center in Greenbelt, MD is Joan Belt.

  • Electronic Reading Room

    The Electronic Reading Room contains documents specifically identified for inclusion by the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), as well as documents for which we have received multiple FOIA requests. The number of items in the Reading Room undoubtedly will grow.

  • Guide to Submitting a NASA Goddard FOIA Request

    The guide provides instructions on obtaining information through the Freedom of Information Act.

  • Frequently Asked Questions about the FOIA Process

    This page answers common questions most individuals have about obtaining information through the Freedom of Information Act. This page also includes information about fees, fee catagories, and appeals for withheld information.

  • Make An Electronic FOIA Request

    Any individual may submit an Electronic FOIA (E-FOIA) request to NASA Goddard via this easy to use web-based form.

  • NASA FOIA Public Liaison Officers  →

    This file has contact information for all of the associated NASA FOIA Public Liaison Officers at every NASA center and facility.

  • Other Sources of Public Information

    The U.S. Government provides access to information from more than 200 federal agencies. Documents covering science, engineering, business and much more are available to the public.

  • NASA's Federal Register Notice  →

    NASA's Regulations concerning FOIA are currently being reviewed in light of the passage of the E-FOIA amendment of 1996.

  • U.S. Department of Justice  →

    DOJ Guide to the Freedom of Information Act, 1996; Overview of the Privacy Act of 1974, (1996 ed), Your Right to Federal Records, 1996 Ed, FOIA Updates, FOIA Annual Reports.

Contact Information

    NASA Goddard FOIA Public Liaison Officer
    Joan Belt

    Make A FOIA Request
    Please see the "Guide to Submitting a FOIA Request" page for information, or submit an Electronic FOIA using the E-FOIA form online.

    > Guide to Submitting a FOIA Request
    > Online E-FOIA

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