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Federal Reinsurance for Disasters

Publisher: Congress, Congressional Budget Office

Description: A CBO Study. Analyzes proposals for federal reinsurance of risks from terrorism and natural disasters.

Year/Pages: 2003: 62 p.

Price: $3.60 Add To Cart

9/11 Commission Report: Final Report of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States

Publisher: National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (9-11 Commission)

Description: Official Government Edition. The 9/11 Commission Report. Thomas Kean, Chairman of the Commission. Provides a full and complete account of the circumstances surrounding the September 11th, 2001 terrorist attacks, including preparedness for and the immediate response to the attacks. Also includes recommendations designed to guard against future attacks.

Year/Pages: 2004: 567 P.

Price: $13.25

Homeland Security Threat Level Signs (Poster)

Publisher: Federal Emergency Management Agency and Homeland Security Dept.

Description: Contains posters for five levels of security alerts, from low to severe, with color codes from green to red. Includes the level of visitor access to the building for each security level.

Year/Pages: 2003: 5 posters, 23x28 in.; flat.

Price: $13.20 Add To Cart

Law Enforcement in a New Century and a Changing World: Improving the Administration of Federal Law Enforcement, Report of the Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement

Publisher: Commission on the Advancement of Federal Law Enforcement

Description: Examines challenges to efforts to maintain and improve the Federal law enforcement system. Covers: coordination; terrorism; globalization of crime; federalization of crime; and professionalism, integrity, and accountability. Item 1089.

Year/Pages: 2000: 193 p.

Price: $22.00 Add To Cart

Patterns of Global Terrorism, 2002

Publisher: State Dept., Office of the Secretary of State, Office of the Coordinator for Counterterrorism

Description: State Department Publication 11038. Annual report by the State Department on global terrorism. Details the danger that terrorism poses to the world and the efforts that the United States and its partners in the international community are making to defeat it.

Year/Pages: 2003: 186 p.; ill.

Price: $14.40 Add To Cart

Preparing Makes Sense: Get Ready Now

Publisher: Homeland Security Dept.

Description: Discusses how to prepare for unexpected emergencies including terrorist threats. Information is also online at and available by phone at 1-800-BE-READY (1-800-237-3239).

Year/Pages: 2003: 11 p.; ill.

Price: $0.90

Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2000, Public Law 107-188

Publisher: National Archives and Records Administration, Office of the Federal Register

Description: Public Law 107-188. H.R. 3448. An Act to Improve the Ability of the United States to Prevent, to Prepare for, and Respond to Bioterrorism and Other Public Health Emergencies. Approved June 12, 2002. Item 575.

Year/Pages: 2002: 103 p.

Price: $8.00

Report on the United States Intelligence Community's Prewar Intelligence Assessments on Iraq, July 9, 2004, Ordered Reported on July 7, 2004

Publisher: Senate, Select Committee on Intelligence

Description: S. Rept. 108-301. Unclassified edition. Together With Additional Views. Provides the Senate and the American public with a substantial record of the facts underlying the conclusions of the Committee regarding the intelligence community's prewar assessments of Iraq's programs for weapons of mass destruction and its ties to terrorism. Some text is blacked out. 108th Congress, 2d Session. Jacket 94-712 PDF.

Year/Pages: 2004: 527 p.

Price: $20.40 Add To Cart

Terrorist Bomb Threat Stand-Off (Card) (Package of 10)

Publisher: Federal Emergency Management Agency and Defense Dept., Technical Support Working Group (TSWG)

Description: The BTSC is a two-sided, four-color, laminated 3x5 card with a pictorial representation of eight bomb threats and associated explosives capacities, building, and outdoor evacuation distances. The purpose/use of the card is to make this information readily available to any first responder who may encounter a terrorist threat incident. It should be placed in patrol cars, fire trucks, and other emergency vehicles as well with other emergency reference materials. Sold in packages of 5 copies only.

Year/Pages: 1999: Laminated card; ill.

Price: $4.00

United States Foreign Affairs on CD-ROM, V. 6, No. 1, January 1993-March 1998

Publisher: State Dept., Bureau of Public Affairs, Office of Public Communication

Description: Supplies various State Department documents including: Secretary of State Speeches, Testimony and Remarks; Dispatch Magazines; Daily Press Briefings; Country Background Notes; Human Rights Reports; Global Terrorism Reports; Narcotics Control Strategy Reports; State Department Phone Book & Lists; Miscellaneous Policy Publications; Foreign Relations of the United States; United States Policies in Support of Religious Freedom; Miscellaneous Speeches, Testimony and Remarks; and 1996 Country Reports on Economic Policy and Trade Practices.

Year/Pages: 1998: CD-ROM in plastic case.

Price: $6.00 Add To Cart

Uniting and Strengthening America by Providing Appropriate Tools Required to Intercept and Obstruct Terrorism (USA PATRIOT ACT) Act of 2001, Public Law 107-56

Publisher: National Archives and Records Administration, Office of the Federal Register

Description: Public Law 107-56. H.R. 3162. An Act to Deter and Punish Terrorist Acts in the United States and Around the World, to Enhance Law Enforcement Investigatory Tools, and for Other Purposes. Approved Oct. 26, 2001.

Year/Pages: 2001: 130 p.

Price: $10.00 Add To Cart

World Trade Center Building Performance Study: Data Collection, Preliminary Observations, and Recommendations

Publisher: Federal Emergency Management Agency, Federal Insurance and Mitigation Administration, FEMA Region 2

Description: FEMA 403/May 2002. Report editor: Therese McAllister. Produced by Greenhorne and O'Mara, Inc. Examines the damage to the World Trade Center and surrounding buildings caused by the events of September 11, 2001. Also identifies additional studies that should be performed.

Year/Pages: 2002: 303 p.; ill.

Price: $18.40 Add To Cart

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