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I am not sure which careers or jobs interest me!

If you are new to Career Voyages or if you have just started thinking about your career options, you may not be sure where to start. That's OK because this tool, the Career Compass, will help you use your interests to find a variety of occupations that you might like to do.

Read the descriptions of the interest areas listed below. Click on your top first, second, and third interests. Click Learn More to find out more about each interest area. After you select your interests, a list of occupations will appear.

Enjoy your journey, and remember there are no wrong answers!

Get started by picking your work related interests.

Realistic   Interested in using mechanical or physical ability, working with machines, tools, plants or animals, or being outdoors? Learn More
Investigative   Interested in observing, learning, investigating, analyzing, evaluating or solving problems? Learn More
Artistic   Interested in using your creative, innovative or intuitive abilities? Like to work in unstructured creative situations? Learn More
Social   Interested in working with people to inform, help, train, enlighten, develop or cure? Skilled with words? Learn More
Enterprising   Interested in working with people to influence, perform, persuade, or lead for organizational goals or economic gain? Learn More
Conventional   Interested in working with data, clerical tasks, or numerical ability, carrying things out in detail or following instructions? Learn More

Note: The Career Compass is not intended to be a full assessment. For information on more comprehensive assessments, click here or try the more in-depth ACRN Career Decision-Making Tool:

ACRN - America's Career Resource Network
Career Decision-Making Tool
The tool shows students how to find a career that suits them, and get the education they need to pursue it.

Acknowledgements: The Career Voyages' Career Compass is compatible with Dr. John Holland's R-I-A-S-E-C (1959, 1997) model of work related interests. The O*NET program has developed a system for linking these interest areas to occupations. This system of grouping interests is used by O*NET, the New York Careerzone, and the Delaware Career Resource Network, all of which served as resources in the creation of the Career Voyages Compass.

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