The NGDC Tsunami Event Database (this search page) contains information on the source of the tsunami.
It is related to the Tsunami Runup database which contains information on locations where tsunami effects occurred. The Introduction provides more information on the contents of this database.
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    • The file contains over 2400 events and is approximately 3.1 MB.
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Enter or Select information for one or more of the following search options.

Tsunami Source Parameters:

Source Date as a Year (-2000 to 2008): Beginning Ending

Source Region Name:

Source Country:

Range of Coordinates in decimal degrees for the Source Location:

Latitude: 0 to 90 (Northern Hemisphere) -90 to 0 (Southern Hemisphere)
Longitude: 0 to 180 (Eastern Hemisphere) -180 to 0 (Western Hemisphere)
Northernmost Latitude
(enter one number from -90 to 90)
Westernmost Longitude
(enter one number from -180 to 180)
Easternmost Longitude
(enter one number from -180 to 180)
Southernmost Latitude
(enter one number from -90 to 90)

Validity of Tsunami: Minimum Maximum

Cause of Tsunami: Minimum Maximum

Earthquake Magnitudes (0.0 to 9.5), for earthquake-generated tsunamis: Minimum Maximum

Tsunami Events that generated Runups in specific Locations:

Runup Region Name:

Runup Country:

Distance of Runups from tsunami source (0 to 20000 km): Minimum Maximum

Distance computed is the shortest path (great-circle distance), and may not equal the distance the tsunami traveled.

Tsunami Effects:

Number of Runups generated by the tsunami (0 to 1042): Minimum Maximum

Maximum Water Height (0.07 to 525 m): Minimum Maximum

Number of Deaths (0 to 300000): Minimum Maximum

Damage in Millions of Dollars: Minimum Maximum

Data Display Options:

Return All Selected Events, Sorted by:

Date, Country
Country, Date
Maximum Vertical Runup, Date
Maximum Deaths, Date

Return Events with:

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