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2008 Edition
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Understanding Supplemental Security Income
SSI Spotlight on Property You Need for Self–Support
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Why are resources important for SSI?

ResourcesResources are things that you own and can turn into cash. To get SSI benefits, things you own that we count must be worth $2,000 or less for an individual, or $3,000 or less for a couple.

    Not all the things you own count as resources for SSI.
    It is possible for people who have businesses to get SSI benefits.


Does property that you need for self–support count as a resource for SSI?

Some property that you own and you use to support yourself never counts as a resourceresource. For example:

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    property that you own and use in a trade or business, such as a gas station, farm, beauty parlor;
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    personal property that you use for work, such as tools, uniforms, or safety equipment; or
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    government permits that allow you to do something to produce income, such as permits for commercial fishing or to grow tobacco.

Some property may count but often does not, or we may partly exclude it, such as:

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    property you use to produce goods or services that you need in your daily life, such as land, or equipment that you use to grow vegetables or raise livestock that you and your family eat; or
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    non–business property that produces income such as land or real estate or equipment you rent to someone.

Other things that you own may not count for SSI either.

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