Changes to Patent Practice and Procedure
Final Rule Training and Implementation Guide
including the Supplement (2/98)

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The Training and Implementation Guide is designed for use by all patent professionals. It contains:

  1. The text of the entire Final Rule as published in the Federal Register, which includes the revised rule language, the preamble portion explaining the revisions, and an Index to the Final Rule;
  2. A rule-by-rule summary and three by-topic summaries (four summaries altogether), the three by-topic summaries including two-page highlights of the significant revisions, a condensed summary of the significant revisions, and a detailed summary of the revisions;
  3. Selected revised forms for filing applications;
  4. An extensive set of Questions and Answers;
  5. Copies of presentation slides developed for examiner training sessions, including slides comparing the old and new requirements for filing applications; and
  6. A section on amendments in reissues and reexaminations.

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Last modified: 2 February 1999