American restaurants, cafeterias, carry-outs, and other eating establishments prepare and serve food to tens of millions of people - from coast to coast - every day of the year. This is an industry that truly never stops working.

The National Restaurant Association reports that the U.S. restaurant and food service industry currently employs more than 12.5 million full and part-time workers making this industry the largest employer in the Nation after local, state, and federal government. In 2006, the industry's 925,000 locations will serve over 70 billion meals and snacks.

For many thousands of high school students and young adults across the Nation, a job opportunity in the restaurant and food service sector is their first job - their first experience in going to work, providing customer service, and earning a paycheck.

Restaurant and food service businesses offer flexible schedules, part-time work hours, and opportunities for on-site training with no previous experience required making this industry a great place to find your first job.

Yet did you know that the industry also has plentiful numbers of mid-level and advanced positions that will pay you a good wage while offering you a diverse career ladder - from head cook to chef; from baker to pastry chef, from waiter to maitre d'hotel; from kitchen worker to establishment manager! It's worth checking out!

Several sites have information on restaurants and food service. We highlight the sites and the content we think you'll find useful as you explore your career options in this area of hospitality.

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Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics and National Restaurant Association

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