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A search-and-rescue team in the Marina District in San Francisco, California wait for a building to be buttressed before entering the structure. [Photo courtesy J. K. Nakata, U.S. Geological Survey]

When Earthquake Shaking Begins . .

Drop, Cover, and Hold


2009 Annual Conference with EERI
Hilton Hotel
Salt Lake City, Utah
February 11-14, 2009

2009 Awards in Excellence Call for Nominations

2009 DRAFT Policy Recommendation

Revised Policy Recommendation Procedure

DRAFT Annual Business Meeting Minutes

April 22, 2008

June 16, 2008 Newsletter

July 29, 2008 Magnitude 5.4 Earthquake Near Los Angeles

Shake Map

2008 Mogul-Somersett, Nevada Earthquake Sequence Report

2008 Presentations

2008 National Awards Winners

2008 Policy Recommendations


Approved Board Minutes

April 21, 2008


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2007 State Earthquake Program Reports


2007 WSSPC-ICC Annual Conference Presentations (PDF)

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