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CDC's Travelers' Health Program

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Immunization Information

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Traveler's Hotline:

CDC's Travelers' Health Program

Traveler News
Current news stories for travelers
Disease outbreak news  (exit site)
Travel notices including outbreaks
Traveler Reference Materials
Frequently requested information for International Travel
Animal importation
Medical examination of aliens
Traveling with children
Special needs travelers (disabilities, pregnancy, HIV, etc.)
Cruise ships and air travel
Risks from food and water
Travel related diseases
Disease info by destination
Current outbreaks of diseases by country
Traveler specific vaccinations
Immunizations for Travelers (flyer)
Vaccination schedules
Travel clinics
Travel hotline phone numbers  (scroll almost to bottom of page)
Immunization records  
Vaccine recommendations for infants and children
Comprehensive yellow fever vaccination requirements
Children under 2 may need to receive additional diphtheria booster prior to international travel
Info. for travelers with altered immunocompetence, including HIV
State Health Departments
Health departments (select by state)
Travel warnings from State Department  (exit site)
Other Related Web Sites
Division of Quarantine-Laws and Regulations
Pan Am Health Organization (exit site)
International Society of Travel Medicine  (exit site)
U.S. Customs Travel Information (exit site)
WHO Travel & Health  (exit site)
Health Canada  (exit site) 

(exit site) = Link is outside of CDC site domain and opens in another browser window.

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