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Faith-Based Toolkit

This faith-based activities toolkit contains ideas and resources you can use to conduct activities to promote The Heart Truth for women in your faith community.  Campaign background information, faith-based resources, and other promotional and educational materials, as well as the activity ideas contained in this kit can help you formulate a plan for your own faith-based program.

Campaign Background Information
Activity Ideas
Faith-Based Resources
Promotional and Educational Materials

Campaign Background Information

Learn more about The Heart Truth campaign and how we are reaching out to women about the dangers of heart disease.

  • The Heart Truth:  Campaign Overview
    Provides an overview of The Heart Truth campaign and its Red Dress Project, including campaign messages, components, and partner information.

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Activity Ideas

Consider these ideas for planning an event to promote the heart health of women in your faith community.

  • Organize a "Red Dress Sunday" or "Red Dress Sabbath" event for your place of worship.  You can put a notice in the bulletin, hold an educational session (Speaker's Kit), and distribute brochures and fact sheets.  Also see the Ten Commandments for a Healthy Heart and Talking Points for Red Dress Sunday/Sabbath.
  • Ask the female leader of your place of worship to become an ambassador for heart disease awareness for women in your congregation.
  • Ask your ministry leader to deliver The Heart Truth messaging from the pulpit.  Consider using Talking Points for Red Dress Sunday/Sabbath.
  • Organize a session using The Heart Truth for Women:  A Speaker's Kit (Speaker's Kit), during a Women's ministry or Health ministry meeting.
  • Organize a health-themed Bible study.
  • Form partnerships with retail/clothing outlets to stage a Red Dress fashion show that donates a percentage of the profit for every red dress sold to a non-profit heart disease organization.  (Sample partner outreach letter)
  • Incorporate a Red Dress theme for your women's ministry brunch or Mother's Day event.
  • Organize a heart health screening event and health fair for women at your place of worship.
  • Distribute Red Dress Pins (Ordering Information).
  • Place a link to The Heart Truth Web pages ( on your place of worship's Web site.
  • Include an article on heart disease and The Heart Truth in the church's newsletter/magazine.  
  • Consider including Ten Commandments for a Healthy Heart.
  • Organize a heart healthy meal for you community.
For additional activity ideas and educational resources that can be adapted for your faith community, visit The Heart Truth Online Toolkit and Activity Registry.

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Faith-Based Resources

The Heart Truth and its partners have developed these faith-based resources. If you or your organization has faith-based resources that you would like us to include in this toolkit, please submit them to for review and consideration.

  • Talking Points for a Red Dress Sunday/Sabbath
    Your ministry leader or lay health ministers can give these talking points from the pulpit.
  • Ten Commandments for a Healthy Heart
    These "commandments" can be included in your Sunday/Sabbath bulletin as part of a health announcement for women about heart disease.

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Promotional and Educational Materials

Use these downloadable materials to conduct your activity.
  • The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women
    The 122-page, full-color, 20th anniversary edition of The Healthy Heart Handbook for Women provides the most recent information on women's heart disease and practical suggestions for reducing your own risk.

  • The Red Dress Pin As the national symbol for women and heart disease awareness, the Red Dress Pin serves as a red alert for women.

  • Special Anniversary Red Dress Pin Celebrate 5 years of this landmark heart health awareness movement by wearing this special anniversary edition of the Red Dress Pin. Encrusted in red Swarovski crystals with a delicate heart accent. Approximately 1 ¼ in. high.

  • The Heart Truth for Women Brochure
    The campaign brochure features women telling their own stories about heart disease and provides information about risk factors and a checklist of key questions to ask your doctor.

Fact Sheets

These easy-to-read fact sheets give essential information women need to find out their risk of heart disease and take action to reduce it.  Read them for your own information, or order multiple copies to share with women in your community and workplace.

  • The Heart Truth for Women:  An Action Plan
    Gives women the information they need to talk with their doctor about their risk of heart disease and provides an action plan.

  • The Heart Truth for African American Women:  An Action Plan
    Provides The Heart Truth facts and figures specific to African American women.

  • The Heart Truth for Women:  If You Have Heart Disease
    Explains what heart disease is, reviews screening tests, describes treatment options, lists heart attack warning signs, and gives you the key steps for developing your own plan.

  • When Delicious Meets Nutritious:  Recipes for Heart Health
    Features 10 mouth-watering recipes and lists practical tips and substitutions for creating heart healthy versions of your favorite recipes.

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