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Magnet Center Sites
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Beginning in the fall of 2001, Hearts N' Parks expanded its network to 50 new magnet center sites in 11 states throughout the country.

The following states were selected for Hearts N' Parks based on the highest risk for cardiovascular disease, special populations served (i.e., seniors or minority populations), and park and recreation agency interest and program capability. The states are Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana/Ohio, Maryland, Michigan, Missouri, New Mexico, and Nevada. The Marine Corps will serve as an additional "state agency", with six bases designated as Hearts N' Parks sites. Follow this link to see a map of the 11 magnet center states. (Note: the Indiana and Ohio sites were originally combined as one Magnet Center.)

The magnet center sites will agree to a 3 year commitment to the Hearts N' Parks program and will be asked to fulfill specific responsibilities. These responsibilities include the following:

  • Attend trainings for Hearts N' Parks.
  • Administer the pretest and post-test measures to participants. Enter performance measure data, as well as information about personnel and facilities into a database, in order to obtain a report.
  • Evaluate the program's sustainability and growth annually by tracking specific markers related to the 5P's of Hearts N' Parks.
  • Report progress annually.
  • Utilize an extranet to communicate to other sites.
  • Serve as ambassadors/trainers for other sites interested in Hearts N' Parks.
  • Expand heart-healthy programming efforts each consecutive year.

Program updates on the 50 magnet center sites will be provided periodically.

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