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The Innovative Partnership Program Office (IPPO) provides needed technology and capabilities for NASA's Mission Directorates, Programs and Projects through investments and partnerships with Industry, Academia, Government Agencies and National Laboratories. As one of NASA's Mission Support Offices, IPPO supports all Mission Directorates and has Program Offices at each of the NASA Centers. In addition to leveraged technology investments, dual-use technology-related partnerships, and technology solutions for NASA, IPP enables cost avoidance, and accelerates technology maturation.

IPP consists of the following program elements: Technology Infusion which includes the Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR)/Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) Programs and the IPP Seed Fund; Innovation Incubator which includes Centennial Challenges and new efforts such as facilitating the purchase of services from the emerging commercial space sector; and Partnership Development which includes Intellectual Property management and Technology Transfer, and new innovative partnerships. Together these program elements increase NASA's connection to emerging technologies in external communities, enable targeted positioning of NASA's technology portfolio in selected areas, and secure NASA's intellectual property to provide fair access and to support NASA's strategic goals. Technology transfer through dual-use partnerships and licensing also creates many important socio-economic benefits within the broader community.

We invite you to visit these sites to explore NASA technology and to access opportunities for technology transfer, development and collaboration with NASA.

The IPP Environment

NASA's Dynamic Innovative Process
NASA's Innovative Partnership Program is engaged in a dynamic process to match technology needs with capabilities.
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Public Benefits from NASA

50th Anniversary thumbnail
50th Anniversary at NASA
To commemorate NASA's beginning, the agency has released a multimedia experience that takes visitors on an interactive tour of its first five decades of exploration.
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Cancer thumbnail
NASA Contributions to Cancer Research
Since its founding in 1958, NASA's exploration and research missions have benefited people around the world through the expansion of our civilization's horizons, the acquisition of knowledge, and the development of new technologies and applications that provide amazing new advances in the quality of human life.
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NASA 50TH LOGO thumbnail
NASA 50th Anniversary Essay Competition Winners
The winners of NASA's 50th Anniversary Essay Competition have been selected.
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NASA Home & City thumbnail
NASA Home and City
Discover how space exploration impacts your daily life.
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NIH thumbnail
Medicine in Outer Space
Space-based medical research is bringing benefits to all Americans.
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  SBIR/STTR Hallmarks of Success Icon
SBIR/STTR Hallmarks of Success Videos
BIR Hallmarks of Success Videos are a collection of short videos about successful companies that have participated in the SBIR and STTR Programs.
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Providing Technology for NASA

  Peter Homer astronaut glove video
Peter Homer Astronaut Glove
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SBIR/STTR 2008 Phase I Solicitations
July 7 - September 4, 2008
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  Centennial Challenge & Meatball
Allied Organizations Honored by NASA
The Allied Organizations which conduct the Centennial Challenge competitions for NASA were honored for their contributions to the advancement of air and space technology on March 10, 2008.
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  Micro-fiber Composite thumbnail
'NASA Invention of the Year' Controls Noise and Vibration
Developed at NASA's Langley Research Center, the Macro-Fiber Composite (MFC) is an innovative, low-cost piezoelectric device designed for controlling vibration, noise, and deflections in composite structural beams and panels.
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Shuttle Mission/SBIR Technologies
Cryogenic Heat Transport System + STS-95
Miniature Cryogenic Turboalternator + STS-95
Reverse Brayton Cycle Cryogenic Cooler + STS-95
Biomass Production System + STS-110

Upcoming Events

Oct 15, 2008
Space Investment Summit 5, Los Angeles, CA

A series of forums hosting entrepreneurs and investors in a frank dialogue about the best investment opportunities in new space-related ventures. + Read More


When a swimsuit manufacturer wanted to create a better fabric for competitive swimmers, it sought out some unlikely experts -- aerospace engineers at NASA's Langley Research Center in Hampton.
Swimmer into the water
NASA Know-How Helps Athletes Rocket Through Water
NASA has decades of experience in fluid dynamics and drag reduction. However, aerospace engineers usually concentrate on the element through which airplanes and spacecraft fly, not the liquid through which swimmers travel. Still, some of the science is similar.

"Air and water are both what are referred to as Newtonian fluids," said Steve Wilkinson, a researcher at Langley's Fluid Physics and Control Branch. "Air has different fluid properties than water, including lower density and viscosity, but it still obeys the same physical laws of motion."

That fact led Warnaco Inc. of New York, the U.S. licensee of the Speedo swimwear brand, to seek use of a NASA wind tunnel at Langley to test swimsuit fabrics that may be used by athletes in international competitions.

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