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National Contact Center
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The Federal Citizen Information Center (FCIC), located within the Office of Citizen Services and Communications, has a 40-year history of providing U.S. Government information and services directly to citizens and currently operates a variety of information channels including web, telephone, print, and email. FCIC also provides leadership and resources governmentwide to web and contact center managers to improve government's response to citizens.

FCIC programs include the following:

  • Websites Program includes:
  • Contact Center Program provides direct telephone (1-800 FED-INFO), email and online assistance to citizens through the National Contact Center (NCC), as well as an array of direct contact center services to customer agencies. The Contact Center Program also developed, awarded and manages the USA Contact and FirstContact contracts for use by agencies governmentwide to quickly obtain citizen-centric contact center services.

  • Information and Education Program coordinates outreach (educational media and public service advertising) and delivery of all FCIC services (print distribution, website and contact center support, as well as email and telephone services) to agency customers.

  • Governmentwide Leadership Program provides guidance and support to web and contact center managers across the government through training courses (Web Manager University), citizen focused research and the organization and management of interagency steering committees.