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CMS Leadership

Office of Operations Management

James Weber, Acting Director

Susan Cuerdon,  Acting Deputy Director

Administrative Programs Systems Staff - Phil Pickering, Director

Administrative Services Group - Brenda Pickering, Director
Division of Publications Management Services - Rosemary Skocz, Director
Division of Video & Telephone Management Services - Jennifer Johnson, Director
Division of Operations Management - Anona Eckenrode, Director

Office of Hearings - Ben Cohen, Acting Director
Division of Hearings & Decisions - Paul Crofton, Director
Division of Jurisdiction & Case Management - Steven Kirsh, Director

Security & Emergency Management Group - Steve Tindle, Acting Director
Division of Emergency Preparedness - Marcia Levin, Director
Division of Personnel Security - Tina McGowan, Director

Planning, Performance Management & Analysis Group - Sandy Kraft, Director

Human Capital Management Group - Estelle Sowienski, Acting Director
Division of Strategic Recruitment - Stephanie Vaughn-Martin, Director
Division of Talent Development - James Bridges, Director

Management Operations Group - Stacey Wilson, Director
Workforce Management Division - Fran Legg, Director
Performance Management Division - Anna Barton-Thomas, Acting Director
Administrative Management Division - Barbara Hutchinson, Acting Director

Functional Statement

  • Prepares and presents recommendations to the Administrator, Deputy Administrator, Chief Operating Officer and other high-level CMS and Department officials on planning, leadership, implementation and policy issues concerning modifications to existing and proposed operating policies that will improve the administration and operations of programs and the Agency as a whole.
  • Provides consulting services internally to Agency management and staff to identify processes that need improvement, to develop improvement strategies, and to monitor processes and improvements over time. Participates in agency-wide initiatives to streamline operations, improve accountability and performance, and implement management best practices.
  • Promotes project planning principles throughout the Agency and provides technical guidance to the Agency on project planning and management techniques. Prepares and presents recommendations to senior officials regarding major projects.
  • Promotes and teaches risk assessment methods to business owners throughout CMS. Promotes awareness of the importance of risk analysis as a component of business planning and trains CMS staff in specific techniques and their applicability in particular situations.
  • Identifies operational vulnerabilities within CMS and develops and executes an operational review plan for each fiscal year, subject to approval by the Deputy Administrator, Chief Operating Officer and other senior leadership of CMS.
  • Plans and conducts targeted internal audits and makes recommendations to strengthen internal audits and improve the operations of the Agency.
  • Serves as the Agency focal point for emergency preparedness.
  • Provides the Agency's internal customers (employees) with support in human resource management, procurement management, and logistics. Includes planning, organizing, coordinating, and evaluating needed activities in each area.
  • Manages and directs the Agency's ethics and management programs; provides policy direction, coordination and support for administrative services including space, property, records, printing and facilities management, safety and security, and a centralized customer service desk.
  • Provides administrative support functions for the Commissioned Corps.
  • Develops and maintains administrative systems for ethics, awards, procurement, and property management.
  • Provides staff support to the Provider Reimbursement Review Board (PRRB) and the Medicare Geographic Review Board (MGCRB).
  • Conducts Medicare and Medicaid Hearings on behalf of the Secretary or the Administrator that are not within the jurisdiction of the Department Appeals Board, the Social Security Administration's Office of Hearings and Appeals, the PRRB, the MGCRB, or the States.

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