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CMS Leadership

Office of External Affairs

Robin King, Director

Kimberly Kleine, Deputy Director

Shared Services Staff - Shawn Bennett, Acting Director

Media Relations Group - Jeff Nelligan, Director

Intergovernmental Relations Group - Winnie Pizzano, Director

Medicare Ombudsman Group - Dan Schreiner, Director
Division of Medicare Ombudsman Assistance - Belen Rodriguez, Director
Division of Ombudsman Research and Trends Analysis - Nicole Jones, Acting Director
Division of Ombudsman Exceptions - Bruce Miller, Director

Tribal Affairs Group - Rodger Goodacre, Acting Director

Partner Relations Group - Mary Worstell, Director
Division of Partner Relations - Tracy Self, Director
Division of Provider Affairs - Susie Butler, Director
Division of Forum & Conference Development - Rachael Horvath, Director

Creative Services Group - Erin Pressley, Director
Division of Content Development - Susan Hollman, Director
Division of Product Planning & Distribution - John Parry, Director
Division of Training - Charlotte Newman, Director
Division of Multimedia & Broadcast Communication - Samuel Chesney, Director

Strategic Research & Campaign Management Group - Tom Kickham, Director
Division of Research - Julie Franklin, Acting Director
Division of Campaign Management - Kelly DiNicolo, Director
Division of SHIP Relations - Marilyn Maultsby, Director

Functional Statement

  • Provides consultation and support for CMS components in achieving strategic communication objectives. Manages the operations of creative services including publications and dissemination strategies, graphics, broadcast and video production, and program training to maximize success in promoting the Agency's programs.
  • Serves to promote through the media to the American public the vital work performed by CMS in maintaining and improving the nation's health care. Collaborates with the Administrator, CMS components and the Department and White House press offices in strategic messaging, in developing relevant materials, and in swiftly responding to inquiries from a broad array of news media in furtherance of CMS goals. Provides proactive consultation and advice to the Agency's senior staff with respect to relations with the news media.
  • Serves as a resource to the Agency for facilitating collaborative relationships between CMS and a variety of national, and local organizations, and between all CMS components, to promote awareness of Medicare and/or Medicaid benefits and other Agency initiatives and ensure that beneficiaries are aware of and receive Medicare and/or Medicaid benefits through these organizations.
  • Develops and enhances relationships with national and local organizations, public and private groups, and State organizations to promote the Agency's policies and activities to improve our nation's health care. Performs liaison activities with States, legislators and local government officials and their organizations; works with State legislators and mayors and other local government officials to develop grassroots support for CMS programs; coordinates with the Office of the Secretary's (OS) Intergovernmental Affairs office on both CMS and OS priorities and liaison efforts; and serves as the central coordinator for all outreach to the States throughout the Agency.
  • Provides, in consultation with the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Centers and Offices, strategic communication planning, research to improve communication activities, campaign implementation and campaign contract management, and health information and assistance programs to promote the Agency's programs and policies in order to improve our nation's health care.
  • Supports the Medicare Beneficiary Ombudsman, in providing guidance to the Agency to identify and resolve systemic issues in order to provide assistance to individuals entitled to benefits under Title XVIII. The Ombudsman assesses Medicare program policy and operations and the impact on beneficiaries in order to affect positive change in the manner in which we provide customer service to people with Medicare.
  • Provides consultation and support to CMS components for all Agency activities related to American Indian/Alaska Native Health.
  • Ensures that activities and initiatives are aligned with the objectives of the Agency's Strategic Action Plan and establishes appropriate measures to assess and track success in meeting objectives.

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