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CMS Leadership

Office of Information Services

Julie Boughn, Director & CMS Chief Information Officer

William Saunders, Deputy Director

Henry Chao, CMS Chief Technology Officer

Executive Office Staff - Donna Mueller, Director

Enterprise Databases Group - Frank Cipolloni, Director
Division of Business Analysis & Operations - Leonard Genova, Acting Director
Division of Integrated Data Program Management - Kathleen Hutchinson, Director
Division of Information Reporting Services - Rosanne Hodge, Director
Division of Database & Middleware Services - Henry Gonshor, Director

Business Applications Management Group - Cathy Carter, Director
Division of Business Application Analysis - Karen Allen, Director
Division of Testing & Reporting - John Evangelist, Director
Division of System Operations - Kathleen Hession, Acting Director
Division of Medicare Billing Procedures - Christine Stahlecker, Director

Information Services Design & Development Group - Alan Constantian, Director
Division of Program Management - Debbie Reeves, Director
Division of Development & Engineering - Deborah Stewart, Director
Division of Requirements & Validation - Ashley Corbin, Director
Division of MA & Part D Application Analysis - Bruce Tarantino, Director
Division of MA & Part D Testing & Reporting - Ron Graham, Director
Division of MA & Part D Operations & Customer Support - Dennis Skinner, Director

Enterprise Data Center Group - Robert Vaccaro, Director
Division of EDC Program Management - Debbie Auerbach, Director
Division of Customer Liaison & Support Services - Bridget Berardino, Director
Division of Operations Management - Ed Gray, Director
Division of Production Integration & Management - Charlene Fletcher, Director

Enterprise Architecture and Strategy Group - Sally Good-Burton, Director
Division of Enterprise Architecture Program Management - Lori Maatta, Director
Division of IT Investment Management - Ronald Topper, Director
Division of IT Policies, Procedures & Audits - Cynthia Anderson, Director
Division of Resource & Acquisition Management - Carolyn Robinson, Director
Division of Privacy Compliance - Maribel Franey, Director

Functional Statement

  • Serves as the focal point for the responsibilities of the Agency's Chief Information Officer in planning, organizing, and coordinating the activities required to maintain an agency-wide Information Resources Management (IRM) program.
  • Ensures the effective management of the Agency's information technology, and information systems and resources (e.g., implementation and administration of a change management process).
  • Provides workstation, server, and local area network support for CMS-wide activities. Works with customer components to develop requirements, needs and cost benefit analysis in support of the LAN infrastructure including hardware, software and office automation services.
  • Serves as the lead for developing and enforcing the Agency's information architecture, policies, standards, and practices in all areas of information technology.
  • Develops and maintains enterprise-wide central databases, statistical files, and general access paths, ensuring the quality of information maintained in these data sources.
  • Directs Medicare claims payment systems activities, including CWF operation, as well as systems conversion activities.
  • Develops ADP standards and policies for use by internal CMS staff and contractor agents in such areas as applications development and use of the infrastructure resources.
  • Manages and directs the operation of CMS hardware infrastructure, including the Agency's Data Center, data communications networks, enterprise infrastructure, voice/data switch, audio conferencing and other data centers supporting CMS programs.
  • Leads the coordination, development, implementation and maintenance of health care information standards in the health care industry.
  • Provides Medicare and Medicaid information to the public, within the parameters imposed by the Privacy Act.
  • Performs information collection analyses as necessary to satisfy the requirements of the Paperwork Reduction Act.
  • Directs CMS' ADP systems security program with respect to data, hardware, and software.
  • Directs and advises the Administrator, senior staff, and components on the requirements, policies, and administration of the Privacy Act.

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