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Print Help

The printer-friendly version is designed to give you the ability to print out an entire topic or selected chapters within a topic. On each page within a topic, you will see a small image of a printer with the words "Printer-friendly version" at the bottom on the left side.

To begin the process to print out a selection from NIHSeniorHealth:

  • Select "Printer-friendly version"
    • You will be taken to a print selection page where you can select what you want to print. The current chapter is selected by default, but you may make different selections.
    • If you want to print the entire topic, select the button for the Entire topic. Beneath that button you may choose whether or not you wish to include images in the printout.
    • If you want to print selected chapters, select the button next to 'Selected Chapters.' When you select that button, all chapters become checked, but you can remove checkmarks for any chapters you do not wish to print.
  • Once you have made your print selections, click on the 'Confirm print selection' button.
    • You will be taken to a page that shows what you chose to print. You can look at this page to make sure all the information you want to read later in your printout is there.
  • If this confirmation page contains everything you want, click on the 'Print this page' button.
    • The print window for your printer should appear allowing you to print out your selections.


  • If you ever want to cancel a printer-friendly version request, you can click on the 'Cancel print request' button. When you click on that button, you are taken back to the chapter in NIHSeniorHealth where you selected the printer-friendly version button.
  • If you have suggestions or technical difficulties, please contact us via the Customer Service e-mail form, e-mail us directly at, or call 888-FIND-NLM (888-346-3656) and press 2 for questions.