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Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS)

Coordination of Benefits

Coordination of Benefits transmitters who require access to the CMS' enterprise applications must register in the CMS' Individuals Authorized Access to the CMS Computer Services (IACS) security system.

In order to protect the CMS and user information, all users must register and be approved in the CMS' security system prior to accessing applications. IACS is the security system the CMS uses to register users and control issuance of User IDs, passwords and access to the CMS web-based applications.

IACS is an enterprise security solution that will be deployed to individuals requiring access to many of the CMS' applications.  The primary objective of the IACS framework is to enable greater information access for the CMS' application users while providing a higher degree of security across the CMS enterprise.  IACS will help the CMS improve customer service by simplifying interactions for individual users. 

In the present environment, an individual user needing access to multiple applications may need to log in to each application with different user IDs and passwords.  The IACS solution will provide one single user ID and password for each user, regardless of how many applications they access. 

Trust is a critical component within the IACS system.  The contractor External Point of Contact (EPOC) will be the CMS' business partner, and will assume the responsibility to ensure that appropriate users are allowed to use IACS, as well as the CMS' applications.  If a CMS business partner trusts a user, then through a model of delegated authority, IACS can be certain to trust them as well.  The intent of IACS is to establish and follow a chain-of-trust from the CMS to the business partner organization, to the EPOC, to the end-users. 

IACS uses a self-registration process. The self-registration process that you will follow will depend in part on your relationship to the CMS.

Expectations of IACS EPOCS and End Users

The specific terms and conditions that the users are expected to abide by will be presented to the user when they are going through the IACS registration process. They should read the terms and conditions carefully and then either "Accept" or "Decline" them.

EPOCS will need to self register into IACS using a CMS provided URL (see the URL under the "Related Links Inside CMS" portion at the bottom of this page).  Each EPOC will then be approved by personnel in CMS and a User ID will be assigned. 

Once an EPOC has been established, end users may self register into IACS using the URL below.  Once the end user is approved by an EPOC, a User ID will be assigned.

The Downloads section, below, lists IACS User Guides applicable to the COB system.  These guides provide users with information and instructions to register in IACS and request access to CMS application(s) available to your user community.  The guides are provided in standard and accessible versions according to the 1998 Amendment to Section 508 of the Rehabilitation Act.  The displayed titles show "Standard" and "508 Accessible", respectively.  Please contact your Help Desk if you have any questions on the IACS' guides or system functionality.

Standard IACS User Guide Attachment C 2008 07 16 [PDF, 1584 KB]

508 Accessible IACS User Guide Attachment C 2008 07 16 [PDF, 1752 KB]
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