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Geographic Locator Codes Geographic Locator Codes (GLC's) Overview

Worldwide Geographic Location Codes

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The GLC list provides the number and letter codes that federal agencies should use for reporting data to the Federal Real Property Profile, as directed by the Federal Real Property Council (FRPC). The GLC list provides codes for geographic locations anywhere in the United States or abroad in computer programs.   


Codes for states, counties, and cities are based on two Federal Information Processing Standards--FIPS 5-2 and FIPS 6-4--issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology under the provisions of Public Law 89-306 (commonly known as the Brooks Act) and the Office of Management and Budget Circular A-86 as amended by the Computer Security Act of 1987, Public Law 100-235. For U.S. possessions and for foreign countries, codes are based on FIPS 10-4.

Requests for New Codes

Federal entities may request the assignment of additional codes for any populated area--except a military installation--from the GSA. Such requests should be made in writing to the contact group at the top of this page.

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